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About University


Altai State Medical University was founded in 1954. The University is located in Barnaul, Russia. Barnaul is the administrative center of Altai Krai,located along the Ob River in the West Siberian Plain. At the end of 2014, the city had a population of around 700,000 people.


The establisher of the University is the Russian Federation. Full powers of the establisher conducts the Ministry of Health of Russia. Altai State Medical University is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. It is a state-financed organization, established in accordance with the applicable Laws of the Russian Federation.

In 1960, there took place the first graduation of doctors.

In 1975, the Institute added pharmaceutical faculty that progressively grows, and in 1998 at the Faculty of powerful office opened Distance learning.

In 1990, the first students took the Dental Faculty. What is more, in 2002 opened a University Dental Clinic, and there has been developed the most advanced technology of dental restoration. The University is rapidly developing and increasing the volume of training.

In 1993, the Center of Continuing Education, opened own system of certification of medical specialists.

In 1994 Altai State Medical Institute was renamed to Altai State Medical University (Order of the State Committee of Russia from 15.06.1994 № 586, Order of Ministry of Health of Russian Federation from 23.06.1994, № 127 )

In 2001, the University offered medical-prophylactic faculty and in 2004 was established the Faculty of Higher Nursing Education.

Since 1967, the University has a specialized council for defense of candidate, from 1995 - doctoral theses. The University has trained more than 20 000 graduates. Academic staff of the University consists of more than 100 doctors and 350 candidates of science, 3 Corresponding Members of RAMS (ZS Barkagan, VIKiselev, YN Scheu-hat), 5 Honored Scientists of Russia (ZS Barkagan VB Gervasi, L. Tarasov, G. Trubnikov, YN Shoikhet), 25 distinguished physicians Russia and 10 honored workers of the Graduate School. Among university graduates two academician (NF Gerasimenko, VYSemke), Honorary Citizen of the city of Barnaul prof. AF Lazarev.

University today

Today, Altai State Medical University is one of the leading higher educational establishments of Western Siberia. Departments are opened nearly at all medical specialties: General Medicine, Pediatrics, Pharmaceutics, Stomatology, Nursing, Hygiene and Disease Prevention, Further Vocational Education. Altai State Medical University provides all types of training and re-training of doctors, pharmacists, specialists in economics and management in health care. The University permanently develops material base. Altai State Medical University has the following structural units: faculties, departments, administration, institutions, offices, laboratories, centers, divisions, departments, the central research laboratory (CSRL), a dental clinic, clinic, dormitories, administrative and economic divisions.

The University offers a wide variety of interests for students to join or attend and realize their creative potential.

The extra-curricular work in the University is coordinated by the Department of the Educational and Extracurricular Activities.

Our students can realize their leading potential and offer themselves as monitors of students groups, organizers of sports or cultural events. They can initiate sports, cultural and work activities of groups, and holidays celebrations. So they can join Students League, a social organization of the Altai State University students.

The Department of Educational and Extracurricular activities gives the opportunities to share ideas about organizing leisure time and to join interests groups. It is open to suggestions and comments of our students, and serves to discover new talents.

The University student club Legion organizes amateur performances, where all volunteers can realize their creative potential and skills. It also provides information about concerts, competitions and festivals held at the university and in the city.

Students who are good at drawing, writing (poetry, prose, informational and entertaining articles), doing graphics and photography can always realize their potential in a number of clubs available at the university. There is a club of poetry and bards called Strings of the Heart. An annual competition Poetic Debut is held every year. A photo contest is held for students fond of photography. Students can also try themselves in the university newspaper For Science and take part in publishing of photomontages and wall newspapers.

Our students can take part in sports events organized by the sports club University. It offers a wide variety of sections. Students can also initiate a new specific section.


Faculties of the University

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care

Hospital Surgery Department

Department of Hospital and Outpatient Therapy

Department of Clinical Pharmacology

Department of Radiology

Department of Normal Human Anatomy

Department of Physiology

Department of General Surgery

Department of Oncology

Department of Pathology with the sectional course

Department of Internal Medicine Propaedeutics

Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics

Department of Urology and Nephrology

Department of Therapy

Student’s Life in Altai State Medical University

Altai Medical University Hostels

Altai State Medical University has three hostels, which are located in the center of the city. The dorms are close to the main public transport routs, which makes the most important destinations accessible. There are playing and sports grounds, reading halls which help use our students’ time most efficiently and in an enjoyable way.


The library’s fund has over 3,30,000 copies of literature including abstracts of medical dissertations, journals, more than 200 titles of periodic editions nowadays. The library represents the largest storehouse of medical literature in regions of Siberia. The collection of scientific information, educational and periodical literature makes the library very valuable source for the University’s teachers and student in their educational an scientific works. The library is elucidated with the Internet connections and CLIS (computer-aided library – informational system) has been introduced.
Altai State Medical University has its edit-publishing centre and small-scale plant, where composition of scientific works by the workers, monographs, materials from student’s conferences are printed.

Social Activities

There are all kinds of students’ clubs at the Altai State Medical University. Our students sing, dance, act, do sports and other activities. It helps them develop their personality in many ways. The sport complex consists of a playground, a well-equipped gymnasium, two big sport halls, swimming pool with sauna bath and two shooting galleries, which can be used by all sport enthusiasts. Altai State Medical University has its own skiing base. AGMU students regularly go to the gym, the swimming pool and the university skiing center.


To enroll at Altai State University, you will need to provide the Admission Board with the following set of documents from July 19th to September 15th in electronic form or in person.

For Bachelor's Degree Programs:

1. High school certificate or diploma (with examination results or transcript) or Secondary professional (or vocational) education diploma (with transcripts), legalization, certificate of recognition (if nedeed) and notarized translation into Russian.

2. Passport or other identity document.

3. 2 colored photos 3x4 cm.

4. Application form.

5. Documentary proof of Russian language proficiency.

6. Medical certificate, certifying absence of medical contraindications for studying (including the results of HIV/AIDS test, Wassermann Reaction test, Chest X-Ray test as well as dates of taking these tests).


Cost Sheet For Altai State Medical University

Altai State Medical University
  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Total 
Tution Fees 397,000 216,000 216,000 216,000 216,000 216,000 1,477,000
Hostel Fees 28,400 28,400 28,400 28,400 28,400 28,400 170,400
Fooding Cost 96,000 96,000 96,000 96,000 96,000 96,000 576,000
Insurance 12,530 12,530 12,530 12,530 12,530 12,530 75,180
Total  533,930 352,930 352,930 352,930 352,930 352,930 2,298,580


1 USD =INR 66 (approx for calculation) Actual rate at the time of fees payment will be calculated

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