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About Bashkir State University :

Bashkir State University has 15 faculties & 3 branches located in Sibai, Sterlitamak & Neftekamsk with total 27,000 students enrolled at present. A staff of more than 2,000 teachers, 310 doctors & 960 candidates of Science are always engaged in training of students in all departments. The university offers courses in 150 programs and has over 100 laboratories with a library of 1.5 million books. Since its inception, Bashkir State University has graduated more than 1,13,000 students in its century of existence. The university also offers more than 55 majors to graduates to choose from for post graduate education. On an average, every year 500 graduates are enrolled in the university which is 1/3rd of the total number of post graduate students enrolled in Bashkortostan. In addition, the university also 3 candidate dissertation councils & 10 doctoral course majors.

Bashkir State University takes active part in international conferences and has 30 agreements with renowned universities of USA, France, Italy, Turkey, Japan, China, Iran, Egypt and Asian countries. At present 88 students of the university are undergoing training in different universities of world with the help of these exchange programs. The university celebrated its 100th anniversary in year 2009, and has been continuously developing in fields of education & global recognition. The university hosts a number of international events like Weeks of German Language, Russian Philosophy Congress, International Conference of History & International Research Conference of Slavic Languages.

In recent years the university has introduced English language also as the medium of instruction for international students which has especially attracted a huge number of students from Indian sub-continent for MBBS in Bashkir State University. International students find themselves at ease with highly qualified and fluent English speaking professors & lecturers at university. The university invites some renowned professors from around the world for enhancement of student knowledge base including Prof. Prashantha Dutta (Washington State University, USA), Prof. Werner Lauteborn (University of Goettingen, Germany), Dr. Silvestre Gonzalez Avila (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore), Prof. An Tuan Tran& Prof. Ramani Dyuraisvami (University of Matyland, USA).

History of Bashkir State University :



History of Ufa :

In the 15th century, after the downfall of Golden Horde, the state of Bashkortostan was divided in to 3 parts and all tribes waged war against each other until Moscow influenced the situation and made the state to be a part of USSR. The city of Ufa was founded in year 1574 as a fortress for protecting nearby region and soon became the administrative center and chief pillar in the Russian politics in Eastern Russia as the city had huge potential for economy in Ural region. The Republic of Bashkortostan state soon became an industrial hub with approx. 30% of total population of state living in Ufa & suburbs. After the Peasant Revolt of 17th century, the fortress status of Ufa was called off and in year 1802 the city was the main town of Bashkortostan. Finally in year 1865, by the order of the Tsar, Ufa was given the status of city and the chief region for the region of Bashkortostan.

Faculties at Bashkir State University :

Bashkir State University has department of undergraduate & post graduate education, department of scientific research & department of international students. Maximum number of international students are witnessed for MBBS in Bashkir each year, especially from India. The university has the below mentioned faculties :

The university offers international students with course in English medium too, especially for students willing to do MBBS in Bashkir State University. The number of students who showed interest to take MBBS admission in Ufa has shown a steep rise in last 5 years mainly due to the low cost of course as compared to other colleges offering MBBS in Russia. The duration of MBBS in Ufa is 6 years with equal coverage of theoretical & practical subjects with regular hospital visits during the last 3 years of course at Bashkir State University. The university is located on the “Street Zaki Validi” very close to the bank of “River Belaya”. The location of university is in prime center of Ufa and is surrounded by theatres, stadiums, monuments, malls, restaurants, etc.

Students Life at Bashkir State University :

The Bashkir State University has separate hostels constructed especially for international students. The students can choose to opt between 2 & 3 seater rooms as per their ease. Additionally, university also allows students to rent apartment by themselves and stay somewhere in city if they wish too. The government hostels provided by university to students who come for MBBS in Ufa, have free electricity, cooking gas, hot & cold water, round the clock security and a fixed time for entry & exit from hostel. Hostels are situated close to the university building and students choose trolley bus as the most convenient & economic mode of transport for reaching the university main building.

Bashkir State University organizes different types of games both indoor and outdoor for students during summer vacations. Outdoor sports include football, basketball, volleyball, boxing, etc. Students from India play cricket matches in grounds of city. The university has a “Student Club” which manages the students participation and has dedicated officials to administer this club. The students often visit the river side during their vacations to enjoy some time and can also visit forests in the outskirts of the Ufa city. The university also has its own Sanatorium-Preventorium for those who want to get their health checked, sports & fitness camp & the Student Club also provides vouchers to students who wish to go on a recreation trip to other cities free of cost.

Students from India who come for MBBS in Bashkir are mostly allotted the new hostels which have better facilities as compared to hostels that are allotted to local students of Russia. During their whole duration of stay at Bashkir State University, the students get 2 months each year i.e. July – August to visit their home country & return to university to continue their MBBS in Ufa from September further. In addition to summer vacations, the university also gives 15 days winter leave during the month of January each year. The university is always open to talented & bright students who want to serve the world by choosing to do MBBS in Ufa, Russia.

Bashkir State University Fees 2017 :

* Yearly fee includes tuition fee, hostel fee & medical insurance fee.
* 1 USD equals to INR 66 used at the time of fees calculation & is subject to variation as per currency rates.
* Fees can be revised by university anytime with or without prior notification.





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