Green Book rotations – Everything You Need to Know About Them

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Today, many aspirants dream of pursuing MBBS in USA and thus make a great career that is marked by best knowledge and training. However, this dream may not come true for many because of the tough screening process that US adopts towards the aspirants who want to earn a seat in the medical universities located in US. But, there is another viable and easy option like by doing MBBS in Caribbean medical college and doing last two years of clinical training, which are known technically as ‘clerkships’ in US medical colleges under the ‘Green Book Rotation’ programs that are approved by ACGME. Aspirants often want to know as what ‘Green Book rotation’ program is and how it could be beneficial. Here is an overview of it -

What is Green Book Rotation?

Clinical Clership Options for Medical Students

Green Book Rotation is a program that has been approved by ACGME or Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education for the IMSs (International Medical Students). These programs have been developed to offer the clinical clerkships options to those medical students who want to undertake their clinical as part of their med curriculum in US medical institutions (primarily the teaching hospitals). While such students could begin with their medicine education in a non US country like Caribbean Islands, they can still find their clinical rotation options at the US hospitals that should be affiliated otherwise. There are many trusted medical colleges in Caribbean Islands that have authentic arrangements with the US teaching hospitals for ensuring hassle free core and elective clerkships for their students that are in the final years of their curriculum. Thus to study MBBS in USA for India students, this could be the perfect option that bypasses all the difficulty and secures complete medical education also.

The Benefits of Green Book Rotation Program –

Green Book Rotation Programme

The clinical rotations that the medical students do in the form of their core and elective clerkships in US medical hospitals are very important from the dimension of seeking med practice licensure in US. Thus the medical graduates that do MBBS in Caribbean Islands can still practice in US, provided they successfully complete their Green Book Rotation program through an ACGME accredited teaching college and then fulfill all other obligations like USMLE exams. To ensure this, it is also necessary that the student effectively searches the correct teaching hospitals that have in place their own ‘residency’ program in the concerned med specialty like internal medicine, pediatrics, geriatrics or such others. If the candidate undertakes clinical clerkship in a hospital that does not has such program in his med specialty then it would be considered as a Bluebook Rotation, the candidate of which is not entitled to licensure in US!

The Functions of Green Book Rotations Through ACGME Approved Hospitals –

Overseas Education Consultants

As said above, Green Book Rotations system has been developed as the authentic and eligible corridor for the international medical students and graduates. ACGME has therefore developed a wide framework that links the existing teaching hospitals and med universities in US for considering the Green Book Rotation applications of such students. Overseas education consultants like RUDRAM EDUCATION of India have been helping aspirants to find the best process and roadmap to complete their medicine education by undertaking MBBS in Caribbean and then clinical in USA to ultimately get license to practice in US.

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