Students undertaking MBBS in USA, UK, Australia exempted from MCI screening!

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Aspirants of a career in medicine profession are much inspired by the idea of MBBS in abroad and they look out for the best destinations around the world. Most wish to pursue MBBS in USA or UK or Australia or other developed country where the medical education infrastructure is advanced and high end curriculum are offered. Also, for the Indian students who complete MBBS from US, UK or Australia, there is no need to undertake the MCI (Medical Council of India) screening test for the licensure purpose. This exemption in India has been offered mainly because of the super quality that is assured by the med universities in these countries.


Get MCI screening exemption through MBBS in US from Caribbean colleges!

No doubt USA and UK are among the leading destinations because of their world class medical universities that lead in different specializations and hence offer flying careers to the passionate students. However, the fact that these developed countries have in place top end screening tests and entrance exams decreases the probability for the students, especially those hailing from other nations like India. Overseas education consultants RUDRAM EDUCATION recommends the Caribbean route to do MBBS in USA! Students undertaking MBBS in US, UK, Australia through a Caribbean medical college get the advantage of completing their clinical trials in the leading teaching hospitals in these developed countries and are therefore automatically exempted from MCI screening also.

Study in USA For Indian Students

Easy passage to becoming a doctor and no need for MCI test!

There is another huge benefit which relates to bypassing the tough entrance tests that are mandatory to be cleared to find a study seat in medical universities of USA, UK and Australia. Thus for the Indian students, this could be the best option as they get admission easily in a Caribbean medical college and get opportunity to undertake the final years of their medical curriculum in US med institutions of high worth; after which they are permitted to practice without passing MCI screening test in India! In comparison to India, where the process to become a doctor is extremely tough, this is fairly simple passage that does not requires years of preparation to clear the entrance exam first and then also pass the MCI test after graduating out of the medical college. In fact, securing a seat of study in Indian medical college has become next to impossible because the seats are less due to which entrance competition has become very tough year after year. Thus many students who are otherwise talented for a medical profession fail to even get a seat of study here. Such students need not lose hope and can opt for MBBS in USA or UK or Australia through the easy options, says overseas education consultants RUDRAM.


Enroll in Caribbean med college for MBBS in USA


MBBS in USA for Indian students has now become a reality through the Caribbean Islands medical colleges that are duly certified by the US accreditation agencies and are also USMLE and ACGME/Green Book Rotation compliant. These colleges have long term linkages with the leading teaching hospitals in US, UK and Australia to secure clinical clerkships (both core and elective) for their medical students thus allowing easy transitions.

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